Breeze Top Blog Tour: Breeze Dress

Today I'm taking a stroll with the Breeze Top Pattern Tour.
I'm so excited that Shannon came out with her pattern line Peaches and Peanuts! Her kids are darling and have the most infectious smiles!
Seriously. She's also extremely talented and was one of the biggest inspirations for me for sewing for my boys!

Breeze Blog Tour Pic

So, onto the pattern!
Aevarie is tall. She's 7, but in size 10's. I LOVE  that this pattern goes all the way up to a size 16! It also has a knit or woven option for the bodice. I just adore knit, so obviously I went with that!
I know I totally deviated by making this pattern a dress, but my girls are girly girls, very unlike me. To be honest, during the summer, if it isn't a dress, it just will not be worn.
All I did was lengthen the skirt pieces and it was a done deal. I also love that the curve of the bodice gave it a "hi-low" hem look!
It took me about an hour and a half from cutting out to sewing up. I love me some quick sews!

The back sports a racer back and since my girl is a bean pole, I deviated a little bit again by making the elastic go all the way through the band in the back. I love the shape of the back. Just love it.

Aevarie just HAD to rock out to Frozen. I guess technically the movie DID take place in the summer, but man. I don't know if the soundtrack to that will ever leave our household.

Shannon will be giving away 3 Breeze Top Patterns and a $25 Gift Certificate to the Ribbon Retreat. Did you know that Ribbon Retreat also sells fabric??
I got some for my winnings on PR&P and they had the fastest shipping ever!
If you can't wait and are "running" to buy this, the Breeze Top Pattern is 25% off until June 27th at 11:59pm with the code: BREEZETOUR. 

I know this girl is certainly smitten with her dress! 


  1. Oh, what a darling sweetie pie, Karly. I love that you turned this into a dress, and your color choices were spot on! Thank you for being a part of my first tour. You are amazing!

  2. The back design is so unique, and you made it to fit your daughter so perfectly! What a perfect summer dress!

  3. this pattern makes the perfect summer dress as well as the perfect top! Nothing quite says summer like gingham does!!

  4. this pattern makes the perfect summer dress as well as the perfect top! Nothing quite says summer like gingham does!!

  5. That's totally adorable! I love it. It looks so comfy!

  6. Love it Karly! I love sewing for size 10 and up. It's a challenge! Great post, adorable pics.

  7. So pretty! I love the yellow against the black and white checks.


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