My Safety Supermum Powers

I've been thinking of everything we do to keep our kids safe and I had been reading some of the posts for Dropcam's Safety Supermum Campaign. It's really crazy how much us mums really do when keeping our kids safe!

We have chemicals and meds up and away from little hands.
My kids have the rule: No helmet, No wheels.
I check around my vehicle and make sure I can see every child before backing out.
Hold hands and stay close when we're in public places.
Okay, Okay, I am one paranoid momma!
It was hard choosing just ONE thing to talk about.

Then it hit me.
Electrical Sockets.

I'm incredibly paranoid when it comes to kids and these.
Here's one reason why.
I used to always keep my wedding ring and a couple other rings on my keychain. My fingers hurt whenever I wear them, so this was my way of keeping them close. I know, you're thinking it's not the brightest thing to do ever and wondering what on earth rings on a keychain has to do with electrical sockets....
I was at my friends house a few years ago and her son (at that time about 3) got into my bag and grabbed the keys.
He shoved my car key into the electrical socket and by massive luck, MASSIVE LUCK, he had held onto the key by the plastic and my rings hung down to touch the heat board and it fried my rings rather than him.

Yes, this is really my wedding ring. 5 out of my 11 diamonds are left and it totally melted and warped my ring. It just goes to show how much electricity goes through them.
The whole thing scared me to death and I'm so grateful nothing happened to the kids. Both my girls were right next to her son and that day could have easily turned out to be an absolute nightmare.

My youngest just started finding a fascination with the electrical sockets (my other kids didn't so this is new to me) but we've always ALWAYS have had safety plugs put into them. I've had to make sure to even have plug protectors for the ones above our counters too since Jude has been climbing up there constantly.

I've talked to my older kids about the dangers of electricity and they know that they have to put their chargers away and put in the safety plug whenever they're done charging their ipads as well as be very cautious when plugging things in.

So that's one of my superpowers, if you will.
Whats one of yours??

*I'm happy to be participating in Dropcam's Safety Supermom Campaign by writing a post on how I keep my family safe.*

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