Why I Sew

My very first sewing project was altering a shirt when I was 12 years old. At least that's the first one I can remember. 
At that time in my life, being tall was a curse and I hated that clothes never fit me. The shirt in question? Long sleeved that fell a couple of inches above my wrist. Not a good look.
The first time I used a sewing machine was in middle school home ec. class. I THINK I made a simple bag, but that time in my life was so crazy, I really can't be sure and it wasn't until I was pregnant with my first that I really started actively wanting to get into sewing.

When my son was 6 months old my mother bought me a sewing machine. She just showed up and told me that I could "borrow" it until she MAY want to sew. There's no way that was ever going to happen so I laughed and thanked her. I love my mum so much!

I made 3 little simple, simple blankets for my baby boy, which is packed away in the basement so I couldn't get a picture.
I kept going with blankets and crib sets. I still really wanted to make clothes, but baby steps people.

I'm not sure what my first "clothing" item was but this is the earliest I could find a picture of. I had no clue what I was doing. I had never installed a zipper. I didn't have access to tutorials on the internet and zero sewing friends. So I did what I do best and I winged it.

Did I mention that I started this really late, so I didn't have time to correct mistakes? 
When Gavin got on the bus that day for school, I heard all the kids yell out, "Gavins Naruto! That's so cool!!!!" 
My mismatched sides and crappy job didn't matter at all. The kids knew what Gavin was for Halloween and he was excited and proud. That's all that mattered.

I actually found a picture of an earlier sew, although I know it for sure was not my first. 
A kilt for Gavin. 
Zero pattern, just doing what I thought would work.

(modeled by Jude since pictures of Gavin are in a box downstairs)

Of course, life went on. Pregnancies, moves, dealing with day to day stuff. Once I had girls I got more serious with the clothing. Girls stuff was WAY easier to start off with then trying to make for boys.
I started off with simple skirts and knot dresses.

At that time I still hadn't made friends with the internet and I had tried paper patterns to no avail, so I was still just making it up as I went. 
Then at some point, I stumbled upon a sewing competition. I started realizing there were tutorials out there that could help me! Can we get a hallelujah?!
Then I found PDF patterns and the PDF board. That lead me to pattern testing.

(my first pattern test)

Last year was the year of pattern tests and kind of the poor mans sewing class. I learned SOOO much just by seeing how different designers construct things. I've taken what works for me and I've built upon it. I can't thank those designers enough for their skills and lessons.
In no means do I think of myself as an expert, but I'll never feel that way about anything. There is always more to learn. ALWAYS.

So why do I sew?

I sew because I love to create and learn. 
There is always a lesson to be learned in every stitch.
I love it because I get clothes that fit my children and that make them confident and proud.
I sew because it makes me feel good.
I'm proud of everything I've made, even my "failures". They help me to grow and become better.
I blog because I love sharing my success' and failures with the people. I love being able to see what others have made and take inspiration or a new technique. I do this, because I love to share.

Why do you sew??
Link up your stories!


  1. Your kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing your sew story.

  2. And now you are famous for your sewing! We are in awe and inspired and hopeful that maybe we will be able to sew better someday too!

  3. loved to read how you started. you are awesome & sure should feel proud of yourself always.


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