Mystery Challenge - Classic Summer Movies

Today I'm joining the August Mystery Challenge blog tour. All of the participants were paired up and given someone to challenge with a theme. 
My challenge is "Classic Summer Movies".

Any guess to what my movie choice was???

Okay, I don't really blame you. Without a second Zoe it's really hard to tell.

Can you guess it now??

The Parent Trap is one of my all time favorite movies and my girls are in love with the newer version.
I chose to do an outfit based on the picture above. 

The dress is a modified Tobago Tank which I will be doing a tutorial next week on how to add sleeves and a gathered skirt. Which means you should buy it! 
Especially right now since Scientific Seamstress is having a 40% off sale using the code: GLUESTICK
Heck, buy the whole collection with that sale!

I made the dress out of chambray and I adore it and Zoe loves it. She has worn it so much!

The cardigan is the Aster Cardigan by LBG Studio's for Willow & Co.
The only thing I changed was adding interfacing all the way down the front placket so I could have buttons go all the way down the front and I added a bottom band to give it more length.
I used a red Jersey Knit fabric.

Zoe kept picking up dirt and throwing it up in the air. This kid LOVES dirt. And bugs. Mostly worms.

So that's my Classic Summer Movie look!

Be sure to check out all the other fun and awesome challenges! I gave out "London Dapper". ;)

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  1. Love it! I really like the shape of the dress and can't wait to see the tutorial. I also like the band on the cardi!

  2. This is PERFECT!!! Parent Trap is still one of my favorites. I love their dress, and the cardigan.

  3. So much awesome! I love how you got both the blue and the red from the inspiration picture. I really like the added band on the Aster and the dress is just darling :)

  4. So cute and classic. Love the shade of red, and I think you nailed the movie reference!

  5. LOVE this look! That is a great outfit! I am in love with that dress... And you chose the best color combo ever. :)

  6. This theme was great, and you did such an amazing job with the outfits. Lovely! Your photography and backdrop are beautiful too :)


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