Boy Bundle: SS Field Research Pants

I am so excited about this post! 
One, because it's BOY sewing! 
Two, because these pants are some of the most coolest things and a must have in your sewing stash. 
Three, cause I don't get to spot light this kid often and I'm so glad I get too today!

I'm part of the Bundle Up Blog Tour and I just love the idea of a bundle completely centered around the boys. The song "Let's Hear It for the Boy" keeps running through my head every time I think of this bundle.
Perfect is it not?

So onto these pants. They are the Field Research pants by Scientific Seamstress.
Sizing is 3/4 to size 13/14. They have 4 big pockets (side pockets are totally optional), an elastic waistband, faux fly, and 3 options for length.
You've got the shorts option, Full regular pants option, and lastly the Zip offs.

We obviously went with the zip offs. Gavin thought it was the coolest thing ever. He's actually never owned a pair of zip-offs before and it kind of blew his mind. He kept telling me how excited he was to show them off at school. He's 11 and in the 13/14 size (Carla, you need to remedy this soon and make them BIGGER! LOL). He absolutely loves these pants!

These are absolutely perfect for this hormonal weather we're having too. 
In the morning when it's cold, he can wear them as jeans, then zip them off to have shorts when it warms up, and then zip them back on when it rains later in the afternoon. You can also tell from pictures that these are perfect for the active-crazy-give-my-mother-a-heartattack average boy!

We deviated from the pattern a little bit and instead of buttons, put on snaps. Although, him being a boy, I really don't want to open those pockets to find out whats been put in them. He's at least not as bad as Zoe. That girl loves bugs and will try to hide worms in her pockets to sneak them into the house....

Final verdict? These pants are perfect. They are really easy to sew up and I just love that they go up to a bigger sizing. You should check out the rest of the bundle too because a lot of them have sizing for the older boys and with how this boy is growing, I need that!

Check out the rest of the blog tour too! 
There are some pretty amazing boy (as well as GIRL) items being sewn up from these patterns!


  1. I LOVE these. I've had zip-off pants on my mind already in spring, but didn't have the guts to do them on my own. Guess, I'll have to buy the pattern. Also with this size range it's quite a steal...

  2. These are so great! You rocked them!!!

  3. I LOVE this kid! And awesome pants, lady. you get "cool mom" points. But only in secret because thinking your mom is cool isn't cool.

  4. These would get a lot of wear in my house! Thanks for sharing this with us. :)


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