Reverse Applique Tutorial

It's not a secret that I love to sew with knit. It's comfy and awesome and most importantly it's "practical". I have never met a kid that hates knit fabric, but I have met many who wont wear anything else! 
So today I'm sharing my personal review about knit from Girl Charlee as well as share my Reverse Applique Tutorial.

Girl Charlee has tons of great prints and different types of knit and the price is perfect for a "mum-budget".
I really wanted to do something for the boys since my girls get most of the limelight here. With boys, you really only get to make the basics. Tee's, button ups, pants, jackets. There's not much variant in boy patterns and it gets left down to the details to really make them stand out. Reverse Applique definitely gives you that change to take a regular tee or jacket and make it unique and pop. It's like getting to make your own personal fabric and with this technique you can take any silhouette and turn it into a custom design.

  After a lot of debating, I chose to review the Marigold Yellow Heather and the Dark Gray Heather. I adore this color combo and think it's just perfect for the boys! The weight of this fabric is perfect for tee's and even more perfect for this technique, since you want a lighter knit that wont be too heavy.
Shipping was incredibly fast. I had my fabric within 2 days and the colors were spot on. I know there is a slight difference with color with different monitors, but this was exactly what I wanted.

Before we start, download the templates and print them off. It's very easy to make your own. Basically just print off any shape that you can trace out!

And now lets start!

I want to thank Girl Charlee again for the perfect knit for this project!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!


  1. Wish blogs had a "like" button

  2. That is a cool-looking shirt! Great tutorial!

  3. That turned out great! I love sewing knits too. They are definitely what we mostly wear on a daily basis so its well worth it. And no ironing needed!

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  5. Love this! it is so fun. I knew how to do reverse applique already, but I love how you made a doubled front piece and lots of small shapes for the design, I hadn't thought of doing it that way.


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