Signature Style: Family

My signature style is all about my family. Since it's getting to be fall and cold, we are HUGE fans of hoodies. We also just got family pictures and we are not fancy. No suits and ties or fancy dresses. Hoodies and jeans though?? Yeah, we can do that! I know I didn't make a single pair of jeans the kids are wearing, but hey, their wardrobes are 80% mummy made. I can take a small shortcut here!

I know you all know my Bimaa love and there will be more talk about Gavin and Aevaries hoodies in time. I'm getting extremely excited for Halloween. All the kids have their costumes picked out and I have all the patterns printed, taped and cut out and all but 1 of the fabrics bought. I can't wait to show them!!

And in case you wondering how most of our photoshoots with all 5 go........


  1. I love the hoodies! Yeah, you guys are not Californians at all haha. I love all the different colors (I kind of cringe at monochromatic family pictures)

  2. I love everything about this Karly! You have a beautiful family... I love your color choices! They go together so well... And I am cracking up here :) The last family photo we took it's all fancy, with suits and ties and fancy dresses! :D But only because it was taken on a friends marriage. :)

  3. so fun Karly:) Maybe I should make my kids matching ones..I have all the same sheets from target...at least I think that's where the knit came from! and...my oldest is a boy, three girls in between and a boy at the end:)


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