Blog Hop!

I was asked by the lovely Kelly from Handmade Boy to join this blog hop....and I'm late. So I am really sorry Kelly!! Better late than never though right??

The purpose of this blog hop is to learn more about the blogger behind the blog. I can totally get down with that! I was given some questions and hopefully I can answer them in a way that gives you some more insight into our lives!

* Why do I write?
I started my blog to participate in a sewing competition (no secret there) and I have grown to really enjoy it. I love sharing what I've learned as well as being able to have a visual of everything I've made to show how much I have improved and grown. I've kept a journal since I was young (I have kept all of them from the age of 12). It's something that helps me clear my head and keep track of our daily lives and the memories we've made. I obviously don't write anything nearly as personal on my blog that goes into my journal, but I love sharing a bit of our world with the rest of the world. People would probably laugh a lot more if they read what went in my journal......

(This is just a few of my journals. LOL)

* What am I working on?
At this moment I am working on Family picture outfits, Halloween costumes and a couple of requests from my kids. I also have one sweater half way knitted and have another that I want to start right after. I am also working on digitizing my third pattern, the Anise Blazer (promise I am Jeanine, Crystal and Autumn!!!
I usually have 20 projects going on at all times. LOL

* How does it differ from others of it's genre?
For starters, I am not nearly as well organized as most bloggers seem to be. So it's kind of random when I post and I am all over the board. I'm MOSTLY a sewing blog, but we built our own house and have a lot of DIY home stuff going on that I want to write more about. I sew for all of my kids and my 2 oldest are in sizes that aren't too represented. There's also only one me. I know you will find a lot of blogs like mine that deal with writing about kids and sewing and tutorials, but none will be just like ours. I also don't run ads nor do I wish to make money off what I write. The blog is just for fun!

* How does my writing process work?
Most of the time I usually have a project that we make and photograph beforehand and then I will write about it after pictures are taken. Sometimes it's because something has happened that has me very emotional that I feel strongly about writing (like my anti-bullying post). Other times I write about what is going on in our lives. Like recently writing about school and our issues with that. We did take Gavin out for part of the day and he has been much happier and his grades have gone from D's and F's to mostly A's and a couple C's. That's a HUGE difference! Zoe is also going to be moved to all day Kindergarten soon and that will be amazing for her too. I also tend to ramble, so posts will take many twists and turns and sometimes go off topic.....Rambling can be a writing process right?

So there's a bit more about me!
The gorgeous and wonderful Mae from The Life of a Compulsive Crafter is continuing the blog hop next week! 


  1. I love your blog and all the chaos that goes into it. You keep it real, dawg.

  2. It was nice getting a glimpse inside your mind, and as someone who was bullied, probably bullied a bit back, and has a son who has been severely bullied, I #standuptobullying as well. It is a huge passion, among other things. I love seeing all you create and will anxiously await the new pattern ;)


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