Sunday Picnic Dress

During the summer I got to test the Cosi Swimsuit pattern for Sew Pony. I love Suz' vintage style, so when the Sunday Picnic Dress came up for testing I joined right up!

I know we are going into winter, so she will not really be able to wear it like this, but it looks adorable with a shirt and tights on underneath and we always have Paisley to grow into it when Spring comes around. I had actually made this for Paisley, but Zoe wanted to wear it and it reminded me so much of a little 60's girl I couldn't help take pictures of her in it.
I still have Christmas sewing on my mind and probably will until Christmas is over, so I went with a pale teal swirl fabric and white for contrast. It looks adorable with her red cardi over!

I went with a sleeveless version with the pointed collar for the tour.
There are 3 more sleeve options and the collar and piping is optional. 
The back sports an invisible zipper, but I didn't have one on hand so I used a regular one.

Zoe loved the pockets since she can place her worms in there and thought this was her "Queen" dress and was telling us all to "Bow down to her".

Suz did a wonderful job on this pattern and I have loved seeing all of the versions on this tour. 
Be sure to check out Emily from Sibling Revelry and Linde from Vink to see their dresses!
You can buy the pattern here and check out Suz' other patterns in her shop.

Thank you Suz for having us along!!


  1. Gorgeous Karly!!! Zoe looks so cute! I love having three girls - you can always hand the dresses down!! Lucky Paisley will get all the hand me downs!! thanks so much for helping me test and being on my tour!!

  2. Bowing down before the queen ;) Such a gorgeous dress Karly.


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