Titchy Threads Rowan Tee: More Awesomeness

I am totally in love with the Rowan tee. I tested it and have blogged about it already, but when Laura was putting her tour together for it, I had already made even MORE shirts to share so I asked to tag along! 

I only have really amazing things to say about this pattern. I mean, the fact that I've already made 10 of them since it's release 3 weeks ago amid Halloween sewing and now holiday sewing should tell you something right there. 

So lets get down to the "why" I love this pattern so much. 

1- It comes in sizes 6-12m to 12 years. Gavin is on the end of this range, but right now, that fits all 5 of my kids.

2- All the options. Could you really tell that all of these shirts are from the same pattern? I love that I can make a basic shirt or long sleeve shirt. Want to go more fancy? I can add stripes to the full sleeves or just the shoulder or just the sleeve. Need some more warmth? Hoodie is RIGHT up that alley. You have enough options to make 144 different shirts.

3- This shirt is QUICK! I know I am a fast sewer, but the most intense shirt (hood, stripes on sleeves and cuffs on hems) took me about half an hour to sew up. That is fast peeps.

4- I also LOVE that Laura was the first to come out with layered patterns. What's this you ask? It's where you can unclick all the sizes you don't want to print off and just print off your one size, or if you want to just print 2-3 sizes at once, you can do that easily. Saves SOOOO much on ink and makes it so easy to tape and cut out. You don't have to worry about keeping track of your one size, it's just done with those clicks.

For Gavin, we just made him a basic black t-shirt. Cause every 11 year old boy needs one.
It's been washed and worn quite a lot already. 

I chose to make Zoe a shirt out of this Once Upon a Time fabric. I want it to work all year round, especially since it will go through Paisley too.
This is also the first garment I have used a double needle on. Why did it take me so long to use it????

Jude had a lack of long sleeve shirts, so we have been filling in his wardrobe. We made him just the basic long sleeve version with sleeve cuffs.

(Zoe's cheeky face when thinking of doing some devilish act...)

 This one is the one I want for myself. I did the hood, long sleeves with sleeve stripes and hem cuff. I DID alter the pattern a bit by making the arm cuffs longer so I could put thumbholes in them.

What's the greatest thing about this pattern though? The fact that my kids LOVE the shirts and ask for more. I love when we find a pattern that THEY adore and beg me to make.

Maartje from Huisje Boompje Boefjes and Mme Cerise (who also shares my love of long hair for boys) are sharing their shirts today too!
Their shirts are darling so you should totally check them out.
You can also buy the pattern here. :D
Happy Sewing!


  1. I just love your pictures. Seems like you are having a whole lot of fun with your kiddos!

  2. Karly, Karly, Karly, you are amazing! I ask you to test the pattern and you make 6 (was it 6 or even more?) T-shirts, I ask you to join the tour and you make another 4 T-shirts. I love your enthusiasm and sense of fun, you can tell where your kids get it from. They look like they're having so much fun in the shoot. Thank you so much for everything my friend.

  3. Your pictures are amazing! you just cheer me up. I'm totally in love of the star tee. I would want one in my size.

  4. They totally look like different patterns! Congrats on using the double needle. You'll never go back. Or you'll figure out that cover stitch ;)

  5. your kids are cute and crack me UP! and i love how jude and zoe have the same eyes!

  6. Wow Karly! You made another 4 shirts! The kids look like they had a lot of fun, great pictures & shirts!

  7. You are amazing! A tee in half an hour! Do you do everything at lightning speed? Then I understand how you can raise five kids and be so productive!!!

  8. First, how was I not following you on FB? That is fixed! And secondly, thanks for all the comment love on my blog, I am not so good and need to work on that! Thirdly, I cannot believe you sew for your 11 year old boy and he looks so cool. Finally, this post put a big smile on my face- i loved everything about it. :)

  9. Oh Karly, this post has put a smile on my face... I love all your versions and I feel you, it took me too long to use the twin needle too. =D


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