KCW Day 1 Outifts

Today was a GORGEOUS day outside, so after doing chores (although the house is still a mess so it's crazy) we went outside to play. I sewed on the porch in the shade while the kids ran around like little crazed animals. 
This is what I got finished:
Brindille & Twig Hoodie tank (I omitted the sleeves and just used ribknit to finish the armholes.)
I did use the same fabric for all 3 of them. Some of you may say, "Seriously Karly?? WHY does your child need almost two identical shirts?" Well, he just does. And he rocks them.

So here's the B&T Hoodie Tank with the Mini Hudsons:

I seriously adore this picture of him pretending to be a tiger. 

  And the Regular Twisted Tank with the Hudsons.

So comfy it makes this little tiger jump for joy!

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  1. So cute! Great outfit(s) Karly, he sure rocks them!

  2. Rocking them both indeed and for me it totally makes sense to make similar shirts, it increases likelihood that you can actually wash them ;)

  3. So cute! A little tiger with great fashion sense! ;D Love the idea of sewing outside... I don't have a porch, but I do have a big balcony!

  4. I finally purchased the Twisted Tank based upon your reviews and love it! Thanks for this post and others about the pattern.


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