KCW Day 1

Today is the start of Kid's Clothes Week! In case you haven't heard of it, it's a challenge to sew 1 hour a day for a week making something for your kids. Each season has a theme and this ones is "Wild Things". 

Since I really stocked up on fabric when we got our taxe return, I am now "sewing my stash", so here's all the fun "wild things" fabrics I have. 

It's a good mix of knit and rayon (I think, LOL) and that giraffe print at the bottom is a cotton.
I know you do not have to take the theme literally, or really at all, but after seeing how many awesome prints I had, my plans on what I was going to use changed a bit.
This year I will be making all of the kids clothes and there are quite a number of patterns that I have been DYING to make.
So, for this week I plan on making:
 a Twisted Tank from Titchy Threads for Jude,
Paisley wants a Zephyr Romper from Figgys,
and Zoe wants the new Vivie dress from Blaverry.
We'll see if I get through them, or hey, I may change my mind in the middle. LOL ;)
Happy Sewing!

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