STYLO: Raspberry Lemonade ALL SPICE

I have been so incredibly excited and honored to be a part of this issue of STYLO Magazine
After hearing what the theme was and which category I would be in, I got to work on Pinterest and made myself a board....or two....okay fine, it was three inspiration boards! 
The theme is: High Fructose and I was in the FRUIT group. Since I had quite a bit of time and many, many, many idea's, I chose to just work on them all. 

I made myself a folder and worked out which patterns would work for what. Some idea's I ditched or switched. Some patterns I changed up where others were left unmodified. I really had a blast making all of these outfits. 
So that brings me to my very first outfit - Lemonade All Spice. I figured it would make sense to start with my own pattern. ;)
(Which I may add is 60% off with the code: STYLO until May 26th!)

I saw that picture on pinterest and I could not help but make almost an exact replica. I did quite a number on my All Spice, switching the front and back bodice and putting in a gathered inset in the front. I just ADORE how it turned out though.

The fabric is Riley Blake 2" yellow and white stripe. Riley Blake is awesome to work with too. I've been to their warehouse 3 times in the last two weeks and they have been super sweet. Although I actually bought this fabric from ApPEARel Tree on Etsy.

I made sure to line up every single stripe. This dress had to be perfect!
I also added tulle to make it super poofy. Paisley is in love with it.

I took quite a lot of pictures, so I hope you've enjoyed the ones that didn't make it into STYLO.

My friend Heather from My Kind of Wonderful Photography was also lovely and took some of the most adorable ones of the girls too! If you are anywhere in Utah and need a wedding photographer, she is AMAZING.
If you haven't yet, head over and check out STYLO. There are sooo many awesome outfits and looks in there! I really got in with some crazy talented ladies, so make sure to check out their blogs too. You will love them!



  1. Yay! I was wondering when STYLO would come out. Your stuff looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness, those dresses are adorable & perfectly wonderful & the photography is fabulous too! Good job with everything Karly!

  3. Really love what you did with your pattern!! Especially the front gathered piece!

  4. This dress really amazing, the gathered piece is something I have to remember in future projects!

  5. I ADORE this dress so much. And you are so badass with those stripes lining up...even with an invisible zipper! MAD SKILLZ, YO

  6. I really like the gathered insert in the front of the dress. So cute.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give


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