STYLO: Raspberry Lemonade SALLY

Today I am going to talk about the Sally Dress from Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom. It's not out yet, but plans to release in June! You can join their Facebook group of awesomeness to get first knowledge of when it does release.
I didn't take the interpretation of my inspiration pic quite as literally as I did with the All Spice on this one. Okay, it's more I just took the colorblocking from it....

When the Sally dress is here you will notice that the bodice is solid...so yes, I mixed up a pattern that isn't even out yet. I did tons of pintucking (TOOK FOREVER) and cut the bodice into 3 different pieces: Top, Middle, Sides. And I had fun with the placement of the lines. 
The Sally dress is also the kids version of the awesome Angie dress, which I have made for moi, but have failed to blog about....shhhh, I didn't say that.....

The back of the dress shows a better resemblance. ;)

Aevaries shoes were graciously sponsored by Joy Folie. They are the Avery in Seaglass. She was stoked that they shared her name and she adores them.

 Again I want to make a shout out to my amazingly talented friend Heather from My Kind of Wonderful Photography. The kids had a blast getting their pictures done with her (her's are the ones that have "My Kind of Wonderful Photography" on them, just so you don't mix them up with my super crazy pics.)
 And if for some reason you are here and still haven't checked out STYLO: GO NOW!!!

Zoe's dress will be up tomorrow!


  1. Another SUPER impressive dress. I love how you just went for it and showed how skilled you are. Your pintucks are so perfect and then you had to go and make it even more difficult. Amazing work. Also, all three of the dresses in that shoot are so full of happy <3

  2. This is just an amazing dress, I love the pintucks and I sure want to try to make a dress like that too :). Thank you for inspiration!


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