KCW: Music Festival

One place I would absolutely LOVE to travel to is MayFest in Tulsa and to Hanson Days. I've been a huge fan of Hanson since they came out in 1997. 
One of these years we'll get to go.

So for my look, I decided to go music festival/boho chic. When I was Paisley's age I had a little fringe shirt that was given to me by one of my friends. I remember loving it and it fits the theme well, so I went for it. 

I used my Blue Ribbon Dress hack for the top, minus the sleeves. For the logo on the front I used Lumi Photo Printing Kit. I should have made sure the letters were all white, but oh well, you live and learn.

The shorts are the Coachella's. I did the size 4 width with the size 6 length and used ribknit for the waistband. The stretch denim is some of my favorite and I think I have enought to etch out a pair of pants for Paisley in the winter. She's already too tall for the pair I made for Zoe last year!

So there's our music festival look!  Oh, and I know you are just needing to hear MMM Bop, so here you go!

Peace out!

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  1. This look is so perfect! Summer, vintage, music? I'd say it covers everything


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