STYLO: Bold & Bright Jude

Since today is Jude's birthday, I thought it was fitting to talk about his STYLO outfit.

His shirt is the same pattern I used for Gavin, but I made the larger cowl neck instead of the v-neck. 
I figured since I didn't talk about Knippie in Gavin's post, I could talk a little more about it here. The pattern company is named Knippie and they are based in Amsterdam. True to a lot of European pattern companies, their patterns come without seam allowance. They are also a lot like Ottobre patterns in that they only give you written instructions rather then step by step pictures. I would not recommend them to beginners, but if you know how to construct garments, they're quite awesome patterns! 
The sizings are usually split, so the smaller size pattern will generally have sizes 98-128 (sizes 3-9) and the larger pattern has sizes 134-170 (10- small adult). I'm seriously in love with their patterns.

The green and grey striped fabric I got from a local fabric store, Nuttalls. I love this stuff!
For the tie in the hood, I used some teal twill tape and got to use my snazzie Shoe lace tips that I got from The Ribbon Retreat to treat the ends.

The pants are the Mini Hudson pants from True Bias. I am in love with these things. I've made Jude 4 pairs so far and can't wait to make the same style shorts that Trine and Esther made in STYLO with this pattern for myself and my girls.

The Linear Triangle Arrows in Ponte De Roma is the perfect fabric for these and were sponsored by Girl Charlee.
We also made another pair of these in Girl Charlee's apples from one of their monthly Knit Fixes. If you haven't heard of it, it's a monthly event that you can buy a random bundle of 6 -2yard cuts of exclusive Girl Charlee fabrics. You can check out their Knit Fix Facebook page to learn more, but it's pretty fun!


That's it for Jude's look! Happy Birthday to this silly dude too! We're off to have a fun-filled day and eat more cake!


  1. Happy birthday to your little man. I really love all your bright and bold outfits. They look so fun in your header! What a fun family!

  2. Cute outfit, just like him! Happy birthday to Jude!


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