STYLO: Bold & Bright Zoe

This outfit is for my super silly, crazy child. 

The first piece I'll talk about is the Cadette Coat by Cali Faye Collection. I modified it by omitting the bottom skirt part and extending the length of the top. I also made the sleeves 2 pieces and quilted the top part of them. I was going for "motorcycle chic". LOL The fabric is Neon Green Bondi Stretch Denim  from  Michael Levine Fabrics (sponsor). I am in love with this stuff! 

The shirt is the Blue Ribbon Dress by Little Lizard King. I lengthened the bodice to make a t-shirt. The fabric is Triangles from Kitchy Coo (sponsor). This stuff is AMAZING. I honestly had a very hard time just not using it as a small blanky for myself cause it's soooo delicious to touch!

And lastly are the pants. I used the Max-inne Pants and Skirt pattern from Love Notions Patterns. I added quilted patches along with a thigh zip-pocket. I used shirting fabric, which I know, is not your usual "pant" fabric. But I wanted these to be very light and breezy since we're in summer here. The color and sheen also drew me to use it.

Don't be surprised if you see more items being made from these fabrics! 


  1. this is by far my favourite outfit from the whole magazine! Such a great look with amazing details!

  2. I LOVE this outfit! I especially love the pants. This is a super fun set!


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