Sunday Lately

I can't believe it's already August! This has been a very busy summer for us. So many people have come and visited and we've had some fun little adventures.
Now to join in with the Sunday Lately theme for the week!
Doing: I have been planning the kids fall clothes along with their school curriculum and some fun places we want to take field trips to. We're also still at work on our basement. One day soon that thing will be finished!

Appreciating: All the friends and family that have been around this summer. I'm appreciating the fact that I actually have the ability to homeschool my kids. Also the fact that I have the skills to make my tall lanky 12 year old jeans. I appreciate how crazy busy this summer has been. We normally don't have this busy of summers. It's been awesome!

Designing: I've been more designing our basement and backyard since we are planning to get them both finished this next year.

Humming: Hanson. All Hanson songs. We can throw Jason Mraz and Owl City in there too.

Expecting: ooh. I'm expecting to expect the unexpected. 

So that's us for now!

Sunday Lately with KatyNicole and Meghan


  1. Haha expect the unexpected... yes, that is good! You have been busy and I am in awe of your homeschooling abilities. My kids fight so much through this summer, it makes me want to cry. One day soon.

  2. Hanson? As in the "Mmm Bop" version? (Is there even another version of them?) That's hysterical. Thanks for linking up this week!


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