Sew N Style

Today I'm pleased to be a part of  Sew N Style's Wardrobe Series. 
The point is to make a 3 piece collection using Lil Luxe Patterns, while keeping in mind our childs designs and aesthetics. 
My kids are very involved with what I sew, so that part was really easy for me.

To start this collection we went with the Peek-a-boo Hoodie from Lil Luxe. My kids have taken to my love of sweaters and hoodies and during the winter are pretty well always encased in them. We paired it with the Taschling pants for extra cozy comfort-ness.

 I was pretty sure Zoe would go for all the florals in my stash and luckily I had some of Art Gallery's Skopelo's which we both love and that fabric alone has sooo many colors, we had our color palette right there!


For her second outfit the top is the City Girl Romper and we paired it with the Small Fry Skinny Jeans and Slouchy Cardigan.

This girl is my super bug crazy child, so although she would love billions of pockets, I try to limit them in all her clothing. I will constantly find worms and roly poly bugs in her pockets and that's not fun findings.....

For her last outfit we made the Charming Tee and paired it with a circle skirt. Zoe LOVES skirts, and although I don't like them for the winter, how can I say no to such a happy little face??? 
We threw in an infinity scarf and a Knotted Headband as accessories, cause a girls got to have them!

If you can't tell, she's got modelling down to an art. ;)

You can read more about the Sew' N Style Series at Lil Luxe Collection and make sure to visit the Contest page with Link Up where there are prizes totaling over $350 from our awesome sponsors.

Then go and check out all the other awesome bloggers in this series! 



  1. Cute! She seems to love them all :)

  2. Hello, can you say Sew N Style twins?????? We are (obviously) so in love with your collection! Great minds think alike, you know! So we have all the good things to say about your mini collection!

  3. I love it! It is so fun and colorful! And you are right, her poses are ridiculous... but I love them.

  4. my favorite part is the reason you left the pockets out hahaha. Oh that cracks me up! Great collection!

  5. ahhh!!! so envious!!! this all looks great, lady!

  6. Such a great collection! Love all the fabrics you used and your little model is adorable, worms and bugs and all! (Though I'd be happy not to find those in small pockets, too)

  7. Lovely collection! Just so bright and comfy and fun - is it wrong that I want the hoodie in my size??

  8. Haha! These clothes are totally perfect for Zoe. Definitely keep the no pockets rule with this one...I have a feeling she'll always be hiding things. Love every look!

  9. Zoe is so cute, she is rocking those photos. I love all these outfits and the thought you've put into them.

  10. Cute collection, great job. I love her expressions, what a cutie! I can't even imagine what I would do if I stuck my hand in my daughters pocket and found a worm - lol!


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