Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! We had a blast last night carving our pumpkins (rather than painting them) and are so ready for Trick-or-treating!

Each kid got to scoop out the guts and then draw a face for us to carve out. Except Gavin, he can carve his own!

I loved seeing each design the kids wanted. Scary, spooky, Naruto inspired....

It was a gorgeous day and such a gorgeous sunset!

We love this tradition! What made it even cooler is that all these pumpkins (except the 4 big ones not carved) are from our own pumpkin patch! We call them our "wishful pumpkins" cause the kids wished for pumpkins to grow one year and since then they have been! I'm sure throwing our seeds into the ground has something to do with it, but goodness knows I have a black thumb and can barely keep our one shoot of bamboo alive. LOL

 Here's what my kids will be Trick-or-Treating as! Well, and Gavin will be a zombie. I'll make sure to post a pic! 

Have a very safe and wonderful Halloween everyone! 

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