A Hoodie for Fun

If you have been to my "Sewing Girls" page, you will notice it's just a tiny bit uneven. I try to make sure all my kids get a good amount of sewn stuff, but sometimes life happens and well, some get more than the others. Anyways, it was time to fix that.

Aevs has started to get a bit more opinionated with what I make her. Why they all don't just let me make whatever "I" want to make is beyond me....LOL But I knew she would end up loving this shirt. I actually really wanted to try out this idea before cutting into my good stuff that you will see later this month. I made the Bimaa Hoodie in size 12. SIZE 12, People! Why she thinks she can just keep growing is crazy as well. I never gave her permission to grow up.....
I hacked the front to make it more "panel" friendly and I am loving putting in the contrast squares for the drawstring. This is really more a t-shirt, because the fabrics I used are very thin, but that just means she can layer and it will be the perfect transition shirt in the spring.

The grey knit is of course from my favorite shop, Phat Quarters, and the pink/grey stripe knit is stuff I got for STYLO in the spring and ended up only using the green/grey colorway. I was excited to finally use it!
She's very happy with it. Keep your eyes open too. You'll be seeing more of this super adorable blondie in the next month!

Oh, I also have to add some of her favorite shots. ;) Man, I love this girl.


  1. Love it Karly! Do you always add a drawstring?? I'll have to try it on my next one..and the contrast square is a great accent detail:)

  2. When I make a hoodie, I always put in fake drawstrings. My dryer hates them and twists them beyond belief. Therefore...fake drawstrings. I like the color blocking on this t shirt/hoodie.


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