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Today I'm back to kid sewing with Swoodson Says Blog Tour
She has some really adorable toy patterns in her shop and ever since the Little Collector Backpack came out in One Thimble I have had my eye on it. So I feel it was slightly serendipitous for me to be on tour.

This kiddo loves LOVES his collections of cars and planes and a lot of the time he'll be running around with his little hands full, so this made complete sense to make a bag for all of his "collections". It's a very good size, big enough to fit all his toys and even his mermaid "squishy".

The outer fabric is Organic Cotton Plus Twill in Marine Blue. I wanted something heavy duty on the outside since I know it's going to get a lot of use with this kiddo.
The inside was a fat quarter that I have no idea where it actually came from. I had been scratching my head on what to make with it and this was the PERFECT project for it! This kiddo takes after his older brother in loving all things that GO.

I did make a couple small changes to the bag. The first being that instead of using mesh for the bottom I used the twill. I also changed up the flap and added two eyelets there to tie the drawstring through, and lastly, I omitted the inside pocket. 
The bag came together so quickly and Judes very excited about it. He's been toting around all his toys in it since! Which makes me rather happy cause now they are all contained in one place!

You can use the code: "SEWALLTHESOFTIES" for 40% off all patterns through November 16, 2015. Valid both on  Etsy & on Swoodsonsays.com.
Stephanie is amazing, so make sure to check out all her social media's:
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  Thursday, November 12th: Rebel & Malice / create3.5 / Free Notion 


  1. Super cute! My youngest is 13, and she is active in our local playhouse. I can see this bag being perfect for hauling her character shoes and costume accessories back and forth!

  2. Since I am a photographer, my favorite Swoodsen Says pattern is definitely the Little Photographer Camera PDF Sewing Pattern!

  3. I love the lining fabric, I think our boys would get along well :) Thanks so much for joining in!

  4. Super cute! I love the eyelets for tying the drawstring through the flap. Such a fun idea!

  5. I absolutely love the backpack pattern and all of the versions! My daughter would probably insist on pink.


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