Mandy K Designs: SNOW WHITE

One of the things I have not completely delved into yet is sewing costumes. I love sewing practical clothing and well, costumes don't exactly fit into that category. But truth be told, I think I have been far more worried about cost of making a costume just to have it be something that doesn't get much wear or that I massively screw up. It's really time I gave up that irrational fear though, so when Mandy K Designs asked for people to be on her blog tour, I really did jump on the chance. 
I've already got the rest of the kids figured out for Halloween. Gavin wants to be a zombie, Aevs is being Alice In Wonderland, then Zoe and Jude are being Kiki And Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service. So all that was left was little miss Paisley. 

When I asked her what she wanted to be she said: Snow White.
The Princess Party Dress was so perfect for this too! 
It was meant to be.

I had the red satin in my stash and the pale blue was upcycled from a prom dress (love upcycles!)
The other two satin's I got from Walmart, which don't do that. There is for sure a difference in GOOD satin and "Satan satin" and those two fabrics are definitely spawn of satan satin.

The sleeve is the only thing I changed in the pattern. I cut the sleeve 3 times to add the red (like in this tutorial from Rae Gun Ramblings) and then I lined them cause that made making a casing TONS easier and far less bulky. Then the last thing I did was add a cuff to the bottom. That was it!

Paisley had quite the adventure in the woods. Chased by an evil witch......

To then hearing the "Hi Ho" of little dwarfs.

To coming upon their cottage.

And lastly, telling off Grumpy for not washing his hands before trying to eat.

Of course this little Snow White couldn't wait to take a bite out of her own apple....

Here's to many more costumes to come! 
During the tour Mandy K Patterns are all 30% off using the code: MKDBLOGTOUR2015 through October 11th.
Be sure to check out all the other awesome hacks and costumes on tour too!


  1. I love the story with this post! So fun! & a fabulous dress! I think I'll be taking a page from your book for my tiny princess next year! ;) -L

  2. The story and photos are the cutest!!! I love the dress. It is stunning!

  3. how much fun was this photoshoot!!

  4. OMG everything about this! Love love love!

  5. So amazing! The dress, the photos and your little Snow White, perfect.


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