Some Practical Outerwear

I love sewing along and hopefully I will be able to keep it up all week long. 

The theme is "Disguise" which I probably wont really follow this season. I had a couple idea's but practicality kind of won out. My kids really do have all the clothes they need for the winter, but outerwear.....that's sorely lacking, so more than likely I will be sewing outerwear all week long.

This pattern is called "Ben for Boys" but obviously works amazingly well for girls too.
Since it's a european pattern, I did have to add seam allowance, which isn't fun, but it's not the end of the world either. LOL I'm actually rather in love with the finished product and we will be making more. I love European patterns! We'll, except the seam allowance thing....

Paisley LOVES the pockets and she's not my bug stashing girl, so she can have them. The main fabric is "Once Upon a Time", a custom knit by Peek-a-boo Designs and I paired it with an Art Gallery solid grey from Phat Quarters. Yes, I adore grey.

Will you be sewing along to Kid's Clothes Week?


  1. I loveee this... soo tempted to get the pattern!

  2. You know what, Karly? Over the winter or in spring I want to start selling german patterns translated to English. Will you be my test reader to check for errors in my english? I get the feeling the you are THE right person given that you love our german patterns so much...

  3. Looks great and I spot some disguised pockets there :)

  4. I'm still sticking with Cinderella goes undercover to the ball, so you fit the theme. Seam allowance.... I know the two pencil trick, but I just don't have the patience for that. Go you!

  5. Thanks for linking up to my sew along! It's the first FABRIC from Peekaboo patterns, and I'm so excited! I know what you mean about kids needing outerwear...

  6. That pattern is awesome and it looks so soft and cozy in those colors.


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