Teach the one 2 Sew

When I was a kid, there were many things I wanted to be. A rock-star, groupie, Architect, Astrologist, and lastly, a Teacher. I love to teach and share what I know. To me it's part of being human and giving back to the world for having to put up with me. ;) 
I love to sew, obviously, and thankfully, my kids love sewing as well. 
Since I got my good machine during SNAP last year, my old machine became the kids. I have a giant scrap bin that they can pick out whatever they want. I've loved having them come in and sew with me, although they do leave my room a mess. LOL

We've worked on practicing straight lines with paper (what Jude is doing in the picture). And we have made dolls and let the girls sew on the eyes and stitch them up after stuffing. 

Recently they've been making little pillows and sleeping bags for their stuffies. I LOVE how much they love sewing and I love seeing their idea's come to life. 
And that brings us to our newest student. Miss H. She's jumped right into sewing and made herself a skirt right off the bat. She did such an amazing job! She has a bible bag half way sewn up now too. I told her we are going to do smaller projects before jumping into a knit shirt that she wants to make to match the skirt. I love it when kids are so excited and eager to learn and Miss H certainly has not disappointed! 

We'll be sharing more of her sewing adventures too! :D
Thank you Simple Simon for the great link up! I love teaching my kiddo's how to sew!

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  1. How adorable! I love that you really let all your kids sew and use their creativity in the ways they want to!!!!


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