Nivalis Pandamania

This weather is killing me with it's warm weather teases! It's no secret that my girls love, love, love dresses, so that's all I plan to make them for the summer. Zoe's first one of the year is the Nivalis Tunic and Dress pattern by Sofilantjes out of this awesome Pandamania knit.

I'm taking a moment to mention how excited we are that her other front tooth FINALLY decided to grow in. She lost that one before the other and it's taken it's sweet and precious time coming out.

 The Nivalis has a lot of really cool design choices. A hood, collar, or regular neckband. Color blocked bodice or regular, 3 different sleeve lengths, along with the option to be a dress or a tunic. We went with a simple cap sleeve dress version since I know it will get a ton of wear.
I've been hoarding this fabric by Jeanine Thomlinson from Stitch Art for a few months now just waiting for the perfect project. As soon as I had this pattern cut out, I knew the panda's had found their destiny. Ooh! The button tabs are rather awesome too and they had to be an option chosen for this dress!

If you've ever noticed, this kiddo does not get pockets. Ever. She is my bug loving girl and during the summer I used to find all sorts of rolly pollies and worms in any pockets this girl happened to be wearing. I was rather grossed out, so until she starts using jars or something other than pockets I have to reach my hands into, no pockets for her. She seems to be rather missing them though and insisted that the tabs were half-pockets. This child. LOL

I know it's been a while since this monkey was on the blog. She took a modeling hiatus due to the wiggles and I'm not entirely convinced she's over them. She was soooo excited about this dress....maybe just a little TOO excited.

This is actually 95% of the pictures you get with this kid. She is such a wiggle bug!

If you couldn't tell, she's totally smitten with her new Panda dress. 
You can get your copy of the Nivalis pattern here and the panda fabric here!
We're know going to hope that the weather stays nice and warm! Or maybe we'll just escape to Grandma's if it decides to get too cold again! LOL


  1. OMG! My girls are always collecting critters too! I think I would die if I found one in a pocket. haha

  2. Aww, she's too adorable. More of her! Mine never stands still for a second I just have to chase her with the camera:P I love everything about this dress. Huge fan of the pattern and the pandas are perfect!

  3. How do you ever sew so many projects? You amaze me since I think you home school your children too. Cute Dress!!
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

  4. I missed this :) Such a sweet dress. 95% of pics I get are my daughter's back hahaha

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