Vivie Resewlution

At the beginning of the year I made a Re-sew-lution to sew patterns I had that I've been dying to make and didn't get around to making last year. The Vivie from  Blaverry is one of those patterns. This is Paisley's version today. There will be one for each girl cause they all love it!

I love that this dress was a challenge, with the darts, button placket and collar. It's certainly not for the faint of heart, but the end result is well worth the time sewing it up! I went with Boy Triangles by Riley Blake that I bought from Phat Quarters, accented with solid black for the collar and button placket. I changed the pattern up a bit to hide the snaps since I didn't have any black snaps and the colors I did have did not really go well with the orange. Why I live in the middle of nowhere that doesn't have a store that carries snaps is beyond me. LOL

I had to seriously wrestle this dress off this child. She refused to take it off at bedtime and then wanted to wear it again the whole next day! I absolutely love when they get that excited about things I make them though!

I am really excited that so far I have stayed pretty well on my resewlutions. A lot of Blaverry's patterns are on that list, so you will be seeing a lot more from them pop up! 
You can get your own version of the Vivie here!


  1. That is so cute! I am almost finished with the koko skinny jeans for my 11 year old (by blaverry). They're turning out great. :)

  2. I just made the vivie dress too. I was curious if I did something wrong on mine. When I did the front placket I think I did something wrong because when I flipped it over it was shorter around the neck edge. I guess I should have made it past the neckline and cut it off. Also mine was a tad tight thru the chest. I double check my seams and they were 3/8. I think maybe I didn't do the placket right somehow.


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