Blaverry Gracie

I need to start this off by saying: What on earth was I THINKING giving this child a pocket???? The moment we started taking pictures she was on the ground searching for bugs. If this child doesn't grow up to be an Entomologist, I will be absolutely stunned.

This girls life revolves around bugs and frankly, I don't know how she makes it through the winter with so few to watch. 
But now on to my reason for this post! Blaverry Gracie

Not only is this Zoe's favorite type of clothing to wear, but it's knit and she finally got a pocket. And not just ANY pocket. This one is "invisible" and she has not stopped talking about it. LOL I will be regretting that as soon as I go to wash it and find bugs stashed in there.......

The dress features raglan sleeves, a kangaroo pocket and a super fun flounce. I made it out of Birch Organics Homestead Daisy Bed Storm knit that I bought from Phat Quarters and have been hoarding for just that "right" project.

The pattern is amazing and came together so quickly. BEST type of project ever! It also keeps Zoe's arms more covered with the elbow sleeves. She has a slight allergy to the sun, so anything that helps keep her more covered is awesome.

Have I also mentioned this child is a nut? Almost any picture I get of her looking at me is some kind of wacky pose or silly face. LOL I'll for sure be making the other two girls Gracie's for the summer. Such a gratifying project to make and the girls absolutely love this dress!

And Zoe's off again to capture more bugs.......


  1. Love this dress! And the bugs...You should study Apologia's Flying Creatures book for her science next year. They have such a good section on insects.

  2. that is a fun-looking pattern!!! does camden need it?!!!

  3. What a gift to see her interest so clearly!! Great dress for the action!! I hope for your sake she releases the bugs before it heads to the hamper.


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