A Striped Dress

I've had this picture on Pinterest pinned for a while now, and it's finally time I made my interpretation of it. You can check out my whole "New Year Re-sew-lutions" board and get an idea of what else I'll be sewing up this year.

Last year I bought a small collection of  Riley Blake Stripes (Navy, Aqua, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Black). I made my Raspberry Lemonade All Spice, and then just abandoned the other stripes to sit in my stash. It's really sad. Obviously the stripes had to make it into my Re-sew-lutions.
I tried to stay close to the silhouette of the dress and drafted the dress with cap sleeves, slight drop-waist and pleats in the skirt. I switched up the directions of the stripes though and they're obviously much larger than my inspiration.

Instead of buttons, I put in snaps. When I take too long to decide on which buttons to use, I default to snaps because that way, at least the dress gets finished. LOL
I swear I could take a whole year debating on button choice.

 I'm sorry about the overload of pictures. She's just a nut and loved her "Pirate that really isn't a pirate" dress.

 Her shoes are Salt Water Sandals. They've been extremely loved in this house and I'm so glad they still fit Zoe! 

 I'm thinking that this dress should be my next striped adventure.

 And with this being Zoe, we obviously have bloopers. This girl, I tell you......

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  1. Can not stress enough on how much I am loving this striped dress on this little princess! I am a new mom and my daughter is only two months old, can not wait for her to grow a little older so that she can wear this too :)


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