Wear to Where: GLAMPING

Hello Wear to Where peeps! I'm seriously stoked to be participating in this series again! Katy from Wild & Wanderful is amazing and this series is chalk full of inspiration, so make sure to check out all the other posts!

I'm going to level with you guys. I don't do camping. I don't even really do Glamping, but if I did, Glamping is seriously the way I'd go. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE to be outdoors and hike, fish and roast smores, and during the summer we're up in the mountains ALL.THE.TIME. But spending the night out there??? I just like my bed. A lot. So, now that you know that little nugget of info, lets get on with my look!

Jersey Knit Scarf: Jersey knit I had in my stash
 Shorts: American Eagle
Boots: GBX 
Sunglasses: Hot Topic
Beaded Bracelet: Sister Gift! Love having crafty sisters!

The Sweet Tee is an awesome pattern. I love the fit and I didn't even have to adjust it for my tall frame. I seriously did a happy dance with that. It's such a fast sew too that I made two of them to wear to Quilt Market the morning before I left. You'll be seeing many more pop up this summer.

The rest of my outfit isn't nearly as awesome as the shirt, but it wins points for being super comfy and fun. And it allows me to be my weird self. I'm not a model at all, so I improvise. ;)
Fun fact: Our town is in the valley at the base of these mountains. I took Zoe's Star Wars shots here.

Oh, and I forgot to introduce you to Oakley! I may have gotten lost in the woods and had to improvise a friend.....
That's Glamping for us!


  1. The print is so fun. I love that you made that top. I wish we were closer to the mountains, but I would be so carsick all the time if we lived in them.

  2. Oh how I love this post! You're too cute and that top is so perfect! It's so fun to see you in front of the camera!

  3. Wonderful post today. Much needed fun while my two small children are banging on the door to let them in.

  4. That tee is fabulous! If I ever get over my fear of jersey, I'll have to try that one! Your pics are great - my selfies are plain awful (read, I look like an awkward goose). I think you work the camera like a pro!!

  5. I love that fabric! So summery. You nailed the look from the cute hairdo down to the shoes. Love it! And girl, I feel you with not actually ever wanting to be away from my bed for a night. It's just so damn comfy!

  6. This outfit it adorable and I seriously love your Heidi braids. So impressed you made that tee!

  7. Karly, I just adore you. And Oakley isn't too bad either. ;)
    I have about 2309482309480 Sweet Tees in my closet and I keep adding them weekly because I love them so much. So I'm totally with you on that.


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