Today is our 14 year Anniversary. I really can't believe how quickly times gone by.
I know most couples say it, but I really can't imagine my life without Corey. We've built our lives together. We were basically babies when we got married.
You can read our very standard love story here.

We've been through 9 moves, 4 jobs, 3 colleges, 6 pregnancies, 5 little monkeys, and building our house. Corey's always supported my crazy adventures and I really just adore him.

Just because I felt like it, I'll show you some of our baby pics. I was a very bald baby.......

It's kind of odd passing chapters in our lives. We're done with the "having kids" part and building our first house. I know life can always throw curve balls, but it's still weird knowing that we aren't spring chickens anymore and that we're now supposed to be more wise and just moving into a different life category. I mean, goodness, in two days we'll be parents of a TEENAGER! I'm so not ready for that and still slightly in denial that we're even old enough to have a teenager. LOL
We still have many goals in our life. One, obviously, to travel the world. I think almost everyone has that on their list don't they? Another is to ballroom dance. One day that will happen!

Happy Anniversary love of my life!
I really can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

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