I'm Free (Living Skirt Art)

I love Audrey from Skirt Fixations "Living Art" series. It's an amazing learning experience with the kids to go through the different artists and learn about the different types of painting styles and periods of time.
For our post, I went with Maria Magdelena Oosthuizens painting "I'm Free". Not only is Maria an amazing artist, she also makes clothing. Throw in some music and that's my love language right there.

This picture reminds me of my favorite book, Little Daylight, and the gorgeous paintings in there. You can feel how carefree and light the girl feels in the picture. There's also the fact that I'm addicted to stripes......
Try as we might, we couldn't get the pose just right. Well, at least not with this kid. I was taking pics of Jude for another blog post and he was copying how I was telling Zoe to pose and I think he nailed it. So look out for his "I'm Free" pose next week!
Anyways, back to the painting!

In the picture the girls shirt is a dolman top with sleeves and of course the Hey June's Morrison Tee was a perfect match! I do have some sweater knit that I was tempted to make it out of, but that stuff is going to go to a sweater for me, so instead I ordered some Riley Blake, Navy & White striped knit for it. I think it turned out rather perfect and I am so needing an adult version of this top! I absolutely love it!

For the skirt, I used my Cinnamon Circle Skirt pattern. I did lengthen the skirt, and instead of doing a waistband casing, I just cut the elastic measurement out of some orange 1.5" elastic that I bought from Joanns ages ago and used a double needle to sew the skirt part on. I'm not sure why this is the first time I've made a skirt this way. It's so stinking easy and adorable. The skirt material is some teal mesh that has been in my stash for ages. I'm pretty sure it was $1 fabric from Walmart. 

You can read more about Maria on her website and be sure to check out all of her other amazing artworks! I absolutely love them!
Make sure to check out Skirt Fixations Painting today too!

Thank you Audrey for having me part of you Living Skirt Series!


  1. Karly~ I absolutely adore this! I think your girl exudes life in her pose too! Thanks so much for playing along...and I think I need her outfit in my size!

  2. Love love love! The original is so lovely and your interpretation is perfect!

  3. Lovely and I can totally imagine your frustration/disbelieve your girl could not do the pose, very familiar ;)

  4. Gorgeous!! I love how flowy the skirt is! I got the Morrison tee after seeing your earlier one. Can't wait to make it up!!

  5. I've been admiring this outfit since I saw your IG post and finally got to sit down and comment here -- I LOVE IT!!!!!! Such a great ensemble, and as I might have said already, I seriously want this for myself!


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