SLPco Back To School Tour

Although we homeschool, my kiddos still require fashionable "back to our predictable fall schedule" clothing. So I was very excited to join The Simple Life Pattern Company's Back to School Tour.

 Today is all about Playground Fun Wear, and my kids certainly know how to rock this look.
One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we don't have a dress code! So my kiddo's can wear whatever they like to wear, and with the warm weather still here for a while they are loving their sleeveless dresses and biker shorts.

For Paisley's look, we hacked the Hailey's Dropwaist Top & Dress pattern by lengthening the bodice of the top and adding some gathered cap sleeves and a neckband. She loves that this shirt doesn't have a specified front/back and makes getting dressed super quick. I even used up the last of my Art Gallery Skopelo's Paporounes Crimson Knit by Katarina Roccella.
We paired the top with some solid pink knit Sarah Ann's Cuff Leggings & Capri's chopped off into biker shorts. My girls ADORE biker shorts and always have matching ones for under their dresses.

For Zoe, we made her the Lucy's Tunic & Dress in some checkered woven, with some lace added around the bodice. Sadly I didn't have enough buttons to match, but I did have JUST enough snaps for this dress.

 Zoe is also wearing a black pair of Sarah Anne Cuff hacked biker shorts, because we can never have enough of them, but she was surprisingly mellow while taking pictures and I only got a glimpse of them as we were leaving the park.

 Of course we made sure to test these outfits out at the park! And they passed with flying colors!

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  1. Very cute! Love the colors and patterns, and these are great for playground fun!

  2. I am not a big advocate of homeschooling as I believe that social interaction with other children is as important as the actual education, but you have depicted the positives of homeschooling quite well.


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