Sash Fabrics - Painted Princess

 We have not made enough Kite Fold Tee's by Made It Patterns this year. So I figured I needed to rectify that problem. What better way to start it off than with a custom Princess knit?? My girls were literally fighting over this print from Sash Fabrics, and Paisley won out.

This print is so vibrant and my girls love their Disney Princess'. Aevarie's favorite is Ariel. I'm not sure exactly why, but I love that she has a favorite. Zoe and Paisley just "love them all". LOL 

The print is called "Painted Princess'" and is part of Sash Fabrics Pre-order, CLOSING TODAY. 
So, in other words, run over there and get some. 
I paired it with some Raspberry Creek stripes and then some solid blue, pink and purple knit. This pattern is amazing for scrap busting or when you don't have a lot of a print and I love the design elements of it.

I also couldn't resist making a matching headband, which all the girls have made up a "wear" schedule and they each have days on which they can wear it. I think that's a pretty big sign that I need to buy more of this myself......
I love when my girls love what I make them! And although I don't like them fighting, it's nice to know that my creations are "fight-over" worthy. LOL

Although I haven't officially announced anything, I am part of Sash Fabrics Admin team. If I didn't absolutely love her fabric and prints and Jackie herself, I wouldn't have said yes. I will only promote what I fully stand behind. So the great news is, you can catch me posting on Sash Fabrics Instagram and we're working on some great blog content with sew-alongs and tutorials coming soon to her site, so there will be a lot of goodness coming with that! She also holds some great games and giveaways, such as randomly posting with a "first comment gets a free yard" in her Facebook group. How can you not love that??

This girl could not stop smiling. She loves her new shirt! Again, Painted Princess' closes today, so if you have a Princess loving girl, or boy, make sure to get your orders in!

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