Signature Style

I can't believe how fast the weeks have been going by!

Since it's fall and now freezing, I had to make a coat. Ever since the Moiano came out from Straight Grain, I've been dying to make it! It's stated as a "summer" coat, but me, follow directions?? Yeah, I couldn't help but add a layer of batting into it so it would keep Zoe warm and snugly.

How gorgeous is the inside of this coat???

The outside is just as gorgeous. The Flannel is Robert Kaufman Shetland that I bought from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I LOVE this flannel. 

The lining is made from Art Gallery Lavish, Petal Picking that I bought from Phat Quarters. I know it's definitely a more "spring" print, but mustard and navy??? Too, I've been hoarding this fabric for a really long time and this was the perfect project for it. I also can't get over this facing in the coat. The only thing I love better is my logo in it. It just makes me happy seeing it! I also sewed down a content and size label in the side.

In the original pattern, the buttons are only added to the top, but I added interfacing down the entire length of the lining facing and the first 3" all the way down the front so I could have them go down the entire way. 
I really love all the little details of this coat.

For her outfit, I made the Blank Slate Beachy Boatneck from Riley Blake stripes, again bought from Phat Quarters
I LOVE stripes, so of course it had to be added into my Signature Style.

The skirt is my favorite skirt pattern from Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids. There's just something about the silhouette that I just adore.

 Then last, but not least, we had to make a little matching doll. The pattern is in testing for Stitch Art and should be released soon. I was hoping to have enough Lavish left over to make her a skirt, but I used every single scrap on the coat and skirt for Zoe's outfit and didn't have a big enough piece left over.

Isn't she just adorable? Zoe chose the name "Lemon" for her, but isn't 100% yet. I guess since we're given 2-3 days to name a baby, I can give her a couple of days too. LOL

So that's our Signature Style!


  1. Oh, what a great coat! I love the fabrics and buttons and details... Love the pairing of stripes and flowers too.

  2. Love the outfit and the color combination. She's a lucky girl!

  3. This is really stunning! Jacket is awesome!

  4. Absolutely, positively, stunningly gorgeous! I want your daughter's coat. For real! And you know that skirt has me all heart eyes!

  5. What a great outfit! I love all the details on the coat, so beautifully done! And the colors of the lining, the top and skirt are all just gorgeous together!!!

  6. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE everything here! the coat is GORGEOUS! and I love your floral fabric - it totally looks fall ish too with the navy! and a matching dolly - soooo cute!!! <3

  7. So lovely! I want all of this for myself!

  8. Beautiful! Coats are personally my favourite thing to sew & yours is lovely. I love that dolly's name is Lemon!! So cute!!

  9. Gorgeous. I love that warm orange color and never in my wildest dreams would have paired it with Lavish, but now I can't stop thinking about it!

    AWesome sew!

  10. Such a fun photo shoot! Zoe looks adorable in the entire outfit and her hair is styled beautifully. The skirt and the striped shirt pairing is striking and the coat is amazing. Love all the details!

  11. Wonderful details and I love your fabric combinations. I'm going to check out that skirt pattern too.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give


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