Kids Clothes Week - Winter 2017

This month has for sure been a busy one! For starters, we're homeschooling our oldest again. Then, Paisley decided to jump off the bunk bed and broke her elbow. Luckily she just broke off the very tip and it hadn't moved, so hopefully when we get the cast off tomorrow it will have healed up perfectly and there wont be any need for surgery!
Of course I had to make her a sweet dress for the occasion and I am so excited that Kid's Clothes Week is this week too!

Paisley chose the Solis dress pattern by Sofilantjes. It was a favorite last year, so I'm not really surprised that it was the first one she requested for this summer. We made a size 4 width and size 8 length. My sweet little bean-pole! I used my Braided Strap Tutorial from Sofilantjes Anniversary tour to finish off the neck strap. It's really my favorite look!
The fabric is Highwire Hippo's from Sash Fabrics. It was given to me by a friend and I was stoked when Paisley said she wanted a dress from it. Paisley loves the little hippo's and was giggling at the belly buttons. She's already named them too (Paisley & Takuya).

Another thing that's new is that I got a new machine! The Janome CoverPro 2000CPX. I've been wanting to get one for about 4 years now and I'm still a little in shock that I was actually able to get it! This was my second project on it (I'll share the first another day) and I am so stoked about all the things I can do with it! Did you know that jeans use a lot of coverstitch stitches??? I have a pair of Loveralls all cut out ready to test it out with!

My girls favorite thing about this dress is it's twirl factor. I also put pockets in for Paisley. She's used to Zoe's non-pocketed hand-me-downs and was pretty stoked when she found them!
Is it a bit obvious that I am dying for summer to come? It's been in the 70's the last few days, but is supposed to snow again this week and I just want to kind of cry. LOL But I am grateful for Kid's Clothes Week being around and it for sure is giving me a much  needed kick to get back into my sewjo!

I hope to see you all over at Kid's Clothes Week and wish us luck tomorrow! <3


  1. Beautiful job!!! I love everything about this:)

  2. Paisley look really adorable in that clothes. It really looks nice on here. Thanks for sharing this. It is very great looking clothe for kid.



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