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Happy Valentines day!!! Since it's Valentines Day, that means Easter is just around the corner and I am so excited to share this Bunny bag pattern & tutorial so you can make your kids some adorable Easter bags!

This bag is 10.5"(26.5cm) wide and 8"(20.5cm) tall. 19"(48.5cm) tall from top of ears to the bottom of the bag. A perfect size to go around finding Easter eggs and candy!

Bunny Bag Pattern & Tutorial

Supplies Needed:


Cut out your pattern pieces: 
Main x2 out of main fabric
Lining Top x2 out of main fabric
Lining Bottom x2 out of lining fabric

Take one of the main front pieces and embroider the bunnies face onto the front. Set aside.

Take the main top and main lining and place RIGHT sides together along the straight edge. Sew along the edge using a 3/8"(1cm) seam allowance. 
Press the seam downwards towards the bottom of the bag.

Topstitch along the seam using a 1/8"(.5cm) allowance. Repeat with the other side.

Place one lining piece on top of one main front pieces RIGHT sides together. Starting from the bottom lining line, sew the ears together leaving an opening at the top using a 3/8"(1cm) seam allowance.
Trim all seams. Repeat with the other side.

Turn one side right side out and press well.

Make sure your lining is facing the lining, and the main is facing the main and place the piece you turned right side out inside the other. Make sure the ears do not twist. Sew along the top of both ears using a 3/8"(1cm) seam allowance, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end.

Pull your bag right side out and press well.

Fold your bag RIGHT sides over and align the bag lining to lining, and main to main. Your ears will be enclosed in the middle.
Leave an opening at the bottom of the lining and sew all the way around the bottom of the bag using a 3/8"(1cm) seam allowance. Trim around the seam and pull right side out. Press well. 

Slipstitch the lining closed and push the lining back inside the bag. 

Topstitch along the inside of the ears using a 1/8"(.5cm) seam allowance. 

Topstitch along the outer ear sides of the bag.

You're finished!!

I hope you enjoy your bag! If you make one be sure to tag me on Instagram with it!

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