Women's Ollie Bomber Jacket

I'm going to be on a small "me" kick for a little bit. When I went to the Cricut Make-a-thon I made all my shirts and a pair of leggings (which I didn't end up wearing there but will be sharing!) that I wore there and now I really need to share them all on the blog!
But first up is this awesome Women's Ollie Bomber Jacket!

The fabric is 3 Sisters from Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics and their "Hocus Pocus" adult panel.

I'll have to share the other reverse side as soon as I get pictures of it. I employed my 14 year old and well....he was trying to tell me I had plenty of pics so he could go off and spin his siblings on the merry-go-round. LOL
Final thoughts? This pattern is amazing and I have 2 more planned already and I know I'll be making even more! I kind of love jackets...cold blooded here and I love my warmth!!


  1. That Jacket looks really amazing and she looks absolutely gorgeous in it. Would love to get my hands on something similar to it. I hope I get soon though haha.

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