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I'm going to be completely up front with you. This post is going to contain an insane amount of pictures. Now that you've been properly warned, we can get into all the fun details of these looks.

My challenge fabric is this gorgeous Art Gallery Canvas, Moment in Time Dim by Maureen Cracknell, and I chose the Twinklestar Berry in knit as my coordinating fabric. I'm in love with Art Gallery Fabrics, so I already had the Honey Pure Elements Cotton and Frosted Sage Denim in my stash and I knew they would be the perfect combo with the Canvas.

I knew I wanted to go with a boho vibe and I threw a little "school uniform" in there. My mother was raised in England and I've always been partial to school uniforms. Although I do wish my girls could wear fun florally uniforms I make for them instead of the solid white, navy, and khaki that's in their dress code! LOL

For Paisley's look I started with my Thyme Vest. This pattern is one of the things that I'm crazy proud of making and it's perfect for the upcoming fall weather. The inside is lined with Twinklestar Berry in cotton that I bought from Phat Quarters.
There are some little fun twists that I added. For starters, I added a hidden welt pocket on the inside. Since Paisley usually gets hand-me-downs and I omit the pockets on all of Zoe's clothes (you will see why when we get to Zoe!) Paisley usually gets kind of gypped. She loves pockets, so I went a little overboard making sure she had plenty of places to put her little treasures.

The second thing I added to the vest was a sweet little ruffle on the back. This canvas was sooo amazing to ruffle. This was my first time using Art Gallery Canvas, which is so crazy because I love Art Gallery and have quite a lot in my stash. I have definitely been missing out though.

The last little detail I added was this fun tassel zipper pull.  It was the perfect detail to finish off the vest.

The next piece of clothing I made was the blouse. I started off with Violette Field Threads Gemma Blouse and hacked it. I really wanted pintucks, so I just added them. I finished it off with some little wooden buttons.

To finish Paisley's outfit off, I chose to make the Mini Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen. They call for woven fabric, but it was really easy to adjust and make them in knit. I made her a size 2/3 waist and lengthened them to the 7/8. I also added pockets, because, pockets. Everything is better with pockets. I also couldn't help but add a couple more tassels to these little culottes. Tassels are addicting, in case you didn't know.

For Zoe, I had a very specific look in my mind.
For her dress I started with Simple Life Pattern Companie's Patricia. I highered the neckline, lengthened the sleeves, then added 1" to the back seam so I could add closures down the back. I also adjusted the skirt for the back closures and I omitted the bottom ruffle.

I wanted her to have a vest, but I wanted it to be very simple. I couldn't quite find one I liked, so I ended up drafting it. It's all one piece and attaches at the shoulders.

I wanted it quilted, so my first step was to quilt a piece of Frosted Sage Denim. This denim is very light and it worked perfectly as the lining.

I took a gamble and gave this girl some welt pockets....

And to finish it off I added a toggle closure on the front with faux leather.

I've been crazy excited about my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine, so I couldn't leave out making an accessory to this look with it. I chose to make this Triangle Leather Headband. It went perfectly with Zoe's non-boho pixie cut!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my looks! A huge thank you to Art Gallery for these wonderful fabrics.

And just so you guys can know my struggle, THIS is why Zoe rarely gets pockets. This girl is a bug magnet I swear!


  1. I love the outfits you created - creating the wonder of a child in the garments!

  2. Love both outfits and the pictures!!

  3. I love everything about this post Karly! The outfits, the colours, the fabrics (how good is that canvas!), the photos. I can't believe how much you made but it was definitely worth all the effort.

  4. Kids are usually attracted with the animated images crafted on their clothes, it is not necessary that you have buy such clothes, I think like that after going through this post. Thanks and good work!

  5. Such a lovely dress both of them are looking very good in it.
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