A Little Luna

I was 13 when the first Harry Potter book was published. My mother had gone to England to visit her family and brought it back for us and well, that was that! I had no idea that that little book was the beginning of something so big, but I'm really not surprised!

Although Luna isn't introduced until later in the series, she is one of my absolute favorite characters. How can you not just love Luna? She's quirky and weird and extremely true to herself and doesn't give a care at all what others might think of her. She's also incredibly kind hearted and loving.

 Although I do love the movies, the books are still far better and I'm so grateful to have such magic in my world. So that brings me to this dress.
I admin for Sash Fabrics and her doodles designs are some of my absolute favorites. So when Doodle Potter ran, I may have bought a lot......
I was ecstatic that Luna was added in (I may have been extremely vocal on this....) and also got her own panel! I bought enough for one for each of my girls and one for my Harry Potter loving niece too!

Ever since the Pixie came out from Violette Field Threads I have been dying to make it (I also am DYING to make their Georgia dress too!) but true to myself, I couldn't just make it 'as is' and I had to change it up.
Since this panel only came in knit (I got the main print in Knit, Woven, and Pul) I chose to make the whole dress out of knit and just slightly hack the Pixie. Usually if I make a woven dress out of knit I will go down a size, but since this was a boxier style I chose to keep it at the size 12 and I'm trying not to freak on the fact that this girlie is THAT big already. So using knit was just a slight change.

 But now we get to the back...I adjusted it slightly so that it didn't have the back panel and instead the back was just one piece. I love the small v-back!

Aren't these doodles just adorable???

This girl definitely has some Luna in her.

Just keeping it real. ;)


  1. she is such a beauty with a charming smile of hers. i bet she is going to steal many hearts with a heart so beautiful. i can tell that she is going to be a nice young lady

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