2017 - A Year Review

I cannot believe that I've been blogging for 5 years now! Where has the time gone??
This year has been crazy for many reasons, but so many good things happened in it! So here is my "2017 year review"!
 I released 2 patterns (Thyme Vest and Nori Dress) which is a 50% release increase rate for me!
This is definitely something I plan to continue with in 2018. I love making patterns!

I was part of Crazy Little Projects Blog Contributor team and have some free patterns over there as well. Amber is amazing and has such a fun blog. It was a joy to work for her and I loved the patterns I contributed.

I really do have a lot of love for stuff, so I'm sorry if I use "love" a million times in this post. It was really such a great year!

I'm admin over at Sash Fabrics. I adore Jackie's prints and she is an amazing boss and person. I have loved every minute working for her and am excited to see what 2018 brings!
Another huge highlight has been being part of Cricut's blogger team. I cannot say enough good things about them! My kids have loved getting custom graphic shirts. Although, to be honest, I think my mother has been the most excited! She always has a new project for me whenever she comes up!
I've also started quilting again because of it. Cutting is my enemy when it comes to quilts and the Cricut Maker has made it sooooooo easy! 
I could honestly rave about them for hours. I loved going to their convention and I've been able to meet so many new people from this opportunity. I am really thrilled to continue to work with them this year too.

I have worked with Riley Blake Designs, organized tours for Art Gallery, sewn strike offs for Raspberry Creek Fabrics, Sugar Ink Fabrics, Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics, and of course Sash Fabrics.
It's been a great year with sewing, and I know 2018 will bring a lot more amazing things!

Now onto personal stuff....
My husband got a promotion and we just moved! Like, literally a few days before Christmas. Remind me NEVER to move during Christmas ever again. LOL
My husband did move up to his job a couple months before us, which you can tell that's when my blogging kind of died...I did not enjoy living apart and things were crazy with trying to pack the house and take care of the kids. I'm pretty sure I stated that I should be getting a week at the Fabric district and beach for it....
I did struggle with leaving our house. We built it and got to choose everything. The floor plan, cabinets, flooring, etc. It's also the place that I've lived the longest in my life. We were there for almost 7 years, which is crazy to me! I think before that I had only lived in a house for almost 3 years? Maybe?
My husband in the black and red coat framing.
Our handprints by the side door. Jude wasn't even a thought at this point. So crazy!
The neighborhood kids (along with mine) on our porch when we first moved in.
They were all such babies!! 
I'm so going to miss this group of kiddo's so much!
Two of the last group pics we got of the kids on our porch. We loved our porch a LOT.

This is just the start of our big adventures and we will be moving again this year. I have no idea where, and although I'm usually really big on planning, I love not having a clue where we might be at the end of 2018.
So thank you 2017 for being such an amazing year and hello to 2018!
I haven't made New Year Resolutions but I do have some stuff in the works already that I can't wait to share. 
How was 2017 for you??

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