Sea Ponies Friday Hack

This last week I've gone through all of my kids clothes, putting away all their winter clothing and keeping out anything I can that's summery. Of course the monsters all had to grow though, so besides Paisley, the rest really didn't have any summer clothes.
That just means I get to get my butt in gear sewing up the rest of these left over "40 t-shirts" that I cut out like two months ago? I made a total of 5 of them, but I did make sure to keep note of where the other 35 were put and I have them all ready to sew up.
So what do I do?? Completely ignore that pile and cut out a button up for Jude. LOL I just love button ups on my boys. Can you blame me though??

The shirt is Petit A Petit's Friday Dress that I hack. I have it down to an art now. LOL
I made the size 7/8 cause this kiddo is really starting to grow.
For adjustments, I lengthened the bodice by going 3/8" from the top of the side seam and did a straight line down. I did add a little curving to the bottom this time.

The other adjustment I did was to the sleeves. The pattern as is has enough that you get a gathered or pleated look on the sleeve and I didn't want that, so I just cut and spliced it a bit to take that out.

Now why do I do these hacks, do you ask? I've tried a few different button up patterns, and I have always had issues with the stand up collar and collar in every single one of them. They're either too big, too small, you get the idea. It drives me nuts. But in the Friday dress, that collar is PERFECT. 

See what I mean??? I just love how it goes together so beautifully and easily. 

The back has the pleat detail. I just love everything about this shirt.

The fabric is Sea Ponies by Snowy Owl Customs. This is literally the softest custom woven I've ever had before! I love the print too. It has a very 80's-90's feel to it. It is My Little Pony.
It's open for preorder until April 13th, 2018. 

Did I mention how much we are loving living somewhere it rarely snows now??
This is how this kiddo feels about that too! 

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