Go To Jacket

Oh my goodness! I can't believe I didn't blog about this before. It's so rare that this child lets me sew for him at all, but recently he has been requesting more things (mostly now because I have a Cricut Maker and he has many requests!) so hopefully that means you'll be seeing more of this bean pole!

When Patterns For Pirates posted about their Go To Jacket test, I asked Gavin if he would like a jacket like it and he actually said yes!
It's also crazy that this gangly creature is in MENS sizing. Like WHEN and HOW was that allowed to happen??
I tested the size X-small and Tall length. This kiddo is 6' tall now.

I was in the middle of moving when the test was called, so I was only able to test the first version and the sleeves were a tad too short, so that was changed in the final pattern.

Gavin chose the stars and striped French Terry from Raspberry Creek Designs for it.

The pattern came together really easily and quickly. If we had stayed where we were living I would have ended up adding a lining to the next jacket, because snow is freezing, but we just moved to the desert and this jacket is just perfect for nights out here!

I also have to give a huge thank you to Judy for letting me test. I've missed sewing for this child of mine!

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