Sewing Blue

Things have been pretty hectic the last few months half year....and sadly it's resulted in me not being able to sew nearly as much as I'd like! But since we are completely in summer weather, this little guy (okay, not so little anymore!) is definitely needing some new clothes.
Sunni from Made For Little Gents is starting a monthly blog tour all about sewing for our little guys and I couldn't miss out. It also gave me that little extra push I needed to make sure I made time for one of my favorite things - sewing!

Since this kiddo is on the last size in Brindille & Twig Patterns and he's my last one IN their sizing, I decided to use their patterns for this.
The top is the Hoodie #14, and I just omitted the sleeves. To finish, I just serged the edges, ironed over and used a double needle to hem the armscyes, as well as the hem and the hood.


I also hacked it to have a seam down the middle of the front.
To do this, instead of cutting on the fold, just add seam allowance to the "fold" edge and then cut out making sure to mirror image your pattern piece for the other fabric.

The main fabric is Striped Stitch by Sash Fabrics and the black is Art Gallery Black solid knit.
I used my Cricut Maker to write out Ohana really big in Chrome Foil Iron on.

The shorts are the Harem Shorts #55. I cut the legs to make them 2" shorter and instead of using an elastic waistband, I just added a drawstring in Riley Blake black and white striped knit.

I'm also taking a moment because this is the last year this kiddo wears Freshly Picked Moccs. He's grown up wearing them and I'm really in denial that he's in the last size they offer! Way too many things he's phasing out of. It's making my mummy heart hurt!

Our other favorite patterns for boys are Titchy Threads! I'd honestly say that 80% of Judes wardrobe IS Titchy Thread patterns. 

Twisted Tank   Small fry Skinny Jeans   Rowan Tee    Safari Raglan   Twisted Trousers   Cloud 9 Swim

Don't forget to check out the rest of all the amazing boy looks this month!

Boys in Summer Blog Tour: Part of the Sewing Blue Blog Tour series hosted by Made for Little Gents Looking for more summer boy inspiration? Follow along on the Boys in Summer Blog Tour hosted by Made by Little Gents by clicking through the links below.


  1. I love what you have done with the shirt! Ellie and Mac has a half pipe tee that is similar (I’ll be doing a blog tour post next week on it which is why I’m thinking of it). Great job!

  2. It looks great on him! That's a clever idea to piece down the middle like you did! Did you HTV the lettering?

  3. you always have such fun fabric combos!

  4. What a cool outfit! I love the cord of the pants matching the shirt!

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