Riley Blake Designs Haunted House

Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner?? Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. This year will be even better since the weather will still be all nice and warm, so my kids wont have to worry about a costume that has to have warmth to it, either by basically being a snow suit, or having to put a coat on over it. I really need to get started on those costumes....

We don't just make costumes for Halloween. My kids love having Halloween clothes for the whole month (or basically all year.) So I've been working on getting a heads start.
In case you didn't know, I have a total love for stripes #sewallthestripes. 
When I saw these Haunted Stripes from Riley Blake Designs Haunted House by Carta Bella I knew exactly how I wanted to make this dress!

The pattern is the Marlow Dress by Jilly Atlanta. I did make a few modifications. First I folded the front inset piece in half and add seam allowance so I could have the stripes meet to a point in the middle. The next modification is the skirt. I just added a second hem to it to have more play with the stripes. Lastly, I added a lining. I just love how pretty it makes the inside look by encasing the skirt.

The best part is that she can wear this dress all year long! 

 For Aevs, I made another Vivie, this time with sleeves. This whole line is so fun that I employed Zoe to help me choose fabrics for this dress. In the end Apothecary in Gray won with Webs in Purple as a contrast for the collar, sleeve cuffs and button placket.

Aren't those little jars and webs adorable???
As with stripes, I'm also a sucker for a good button up and collar!

The fabric really was amazing to work with and works so well for dresses!
One tip I do have is to always make sure you press things to death! It really makes a huge difference to your sewn items, and although it adds a bit more time, it's really worth it in the end!


  1. Karly,

    what an adorable make, these dresses! What I also loved, is the (oh so true!) 'press things to death' - so suitable for a Halloween post. And funny! :)

    1. Thank you Damjana! I'm giggling now because I didn't even realize I did that! Definitely a true piece of advice though! LOLOL


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