Pirates Life with Riley Blake Designs 2

In case I didn't mention it, my kids have been in plays all summer long and two of them were Peter Pan. One was a 3 day camp, and the next was the full blown, audition/practice/perform that was a month long. We had a blast and these kids fell in absolute love with Neverland.
This girls role was Noodler the Pirate and she loved every second of it!
For Riley Blakes Pirate's Life tour, the second fabric I chose was Skulls and Swords on Gray.
It was the perfect choice for a rascal 'n scoundrel 'n ne' well do good cads of a pirate. Aargh.

I made Blaverry's Vivie Dress pattern out of it. It's my favorite collard dress and I'm so glad it goes up to size 14! I so wish Blaverry was still making and selling patterns, but thankfully I was able to purchase most of them before she closed shop. 
This girl is now pretty much out of most PDF child's sizing but still too bean-poley for adults. It's a fun stage....
I have to say that I'm not sure what I was thinking with all the buttons I had to sew on for the blouse and then this dress! I love how buttons look, but sewing them on is a whole other ballgame.

The fabric was such a dream to work with and I love the drape of this dress!
We have just enough fabric left over that I think I can make another accent pillow to go in their Neverland room.

Of course we had to get some pics of this girl goofing off! I hope she never looses the silliness.

Make sure to check out my other outfit made for this tour!

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