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I swear each year is going by just a little faster than the last and we're already to back to school!
My kids all start next week, and although I'm still going to be homeschooling my oldest mostly, he is taking enough electives that he'll be at the school enough that I'm really not sure what I'll be doing with my new found quietness.
Okay, I may have a FEW idea's what I'll be filling it with (mostly sewing), but I'm really not ready for summer 2018 to be over!

During this summer, my kids were in Disney's Peter Pan play and what did my kiddo's all want to be?? Pirates. So obviously they are in love with Riley Blake's new line Pirate's Life by Shawn Wallace.

For this outfit I chose Seas the day in white to make a Tadah Library Blouse. We love this blouse and I'm very grateful that it's one of those patterns that goes up to a size 14. Anyone else have an 11 year old that's 5' 4"?? Just me?? Not that I can talk. I'm certain this girl will be just as tall as I am.

The pintucks are one of my favorite things about this blouse!

To finish the look I made a skirt in Navy Linen. I didn't follow a pattern. Skirts are always so easy that way. I should have added pockets, but since this will be passed down to a certain creature.....I just decided not to add them. Aevs doesn't mind not having pockets anyways, which is weird to me, but she loves having hand bags instead!

There are so many good prints in this line, so make sure you check them all out!

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