Ant Picnic Halloween Costume with Cricut

Halloween is really creeping up on us! I'm still pretty deep in costume sewing, but I think there's a light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe??

Since I have a haggle of kids, Halloween sewing is always pretty crazy. I know it sounds like I should start sewing sooner, but lucky for me, this is the time of year ALL of my kids have their growth spurts and it's insane how quickly they grow! Zoe's already grown 3/4" this month! So I always wait until, well, last minute, to sew their costumes just to make sure they will fit them. 
I'm also the opposite of my amazing friend who is amazing at costumes and really goes all out. I'm very much more, "what's a costume I can make that can become pieces you can still wear all throughout the year?" type person....
I know. I'm so fun at parties!

So since I needed something fast and easy, enter in our "Ant Picnic" costume using the Cricut Maker!
I started off with Bake Sale 2 gingham fabric from Riley Blake Designs and made the Harper Dress by Violette Field Threads. Although, you don't have to sew a dress up to make this costume. If you happen to have a gingham summer dress, that totally works for your kid to still get use out of it!
I cut out a bunch of ant's in black vinyl and ironed them on sporadically onto the dress. I made a bunch of felt fruits for her to take out on her "picnic" and viole!

Oh, and now that the ants have eaten all of her food (she's ignoring the fact that they're all felt) she's changed her mind and now wants to be a pig...…


Happy Halloween!!!!

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