Strip Tee Challenge

We're rounding off the Strip Tee Challenge by Madeit Patterns today! My girls were so excited to be a part of this, and my daughters best friend even joined in on the fun!
You can grab both the Adult Strip Tee and the Teen Strip Tee for 20% off this week (Nov 5-11th). No code is needed, so head over and grab them and then you can read on for our fun adventure in sewing!

Zoe was the first to start.  I had her choose any fabrics from my stash and she chose this gorgeous "Painting Morale" in knit by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Zoe is 10 and hasn't sewn too much. She's more my drawing, painting, and writing scary stories child. She chose to make just the basic shirt, since it was easier, so no back strip for these ones.
This option makes it such an easy sew with only 3 pieces!

I love that my girls love to match with me!
My kids all have interest in sewing, but as of now they mostly leave it to me. They've all told me that they plan to sew more when they get older and know that I wont sew all their clothes for them forever, but they'd rather jump on the tramp or play with friends right now.
That being said, Zoe sewed up all the sides and the neckband, and I hemmed her shirt for her.

I just loved all of this girls faces while she was sewing!

I helped Zoe with cutting out her pattern and fabric, but the older girls I had them do it all themselves!

After checking out my stash, they both chose this Galaxy Stripe and Stitch fabrics by Sash Fabrics.

Each older girl picked a different Stitch fabric so they were "matching" but still being "individual".

Aev's has sewn very little, and her best friend has only sewn once before. They both did so good on their shirts and had such a fun time making them!

Sadly her best friend was sick and couldn't come get final pics together, so we had fun taking "ghosty" pics. Aevs is rather creeped out by them, but the girls are wearing their shirts to school today, so hopefully I can snag a few of them together when they get home.

I was able to get a pic of them together the night they sewed them up. They are so proud of their shirts!

This was such a fun experience for my kids and I know it's started a new thing for them all!

Make sure to check out all the other Teams in this challenge. Their shirts are all amazing and I'm so proud of all these young girls that sewed up their own shirts!

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