Caticorn Novelty by Riley Blake Designs

 Although my oldest two girls have finally hit the stage that dresses are not their style, they're still very much into magical creatures, so this print was exactly up their alley! Originally I had planned to make a dress for Paisley and a skirt for one of the other two, but once it came, they were all begging for a quilt and I just couldn't say no! It worked out wonderfully because when all was said and done, I still had enough fabric left over to make a dress as well as the quilt!

Caticorn is a novelty print and comes in three colors, WHITE, LILAC, and BLUE
I chose the Blue colorway because that's two of my girls favorite colors. Any guesses which two got the dress and quilt??
I used the Mini Southport pattern by True Bias for the dress. It's absolutely perfect for the upcoming spring.

It's such a perfect silhouette to showcase this print. I used gold metal snaps for closures and some black twill tape to cinch the waist. I've actually only made this pattern once before and I'm not sure why I haven't made more. I just love the arm and neck facings. It gives it such a beautiful finish and is so much cooler in the summer without that lining!

For the quilt I actually did some math and worked out how to make this a twin size quilt using the Lattice Baby Quilt Tutorial as a starting point.

After some serious debating, I made the whole top out of the Caticorn and paired it with Confetti Cottons White. We also had some pretty major discussions on who will get this quilt. Aevarie won in the end....that girl can be a very tough negotiator!

I'm still waiting for my backing to arrive to quilt this, so make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram Stories!

It's been very windy the last while so that made taking pictures pretty comical! These girls were laughing so hard while trying to hold the quilt top!

Who in your life would love this print?

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